Gayle Chong Kwan

16th December 2022

PhD 'Imaginal Travel'

PhD 'Imaginal Travel: politlcal and ecological positioning through fine art practice'

My research establishes the neologism ‘Imaginal Travel’ and asks how it might constitute a methodology in fine art practice. Tropes of travel can engender a framing in terms of fixing and ‘othering’ people and places so as to facilitate exploitation and degradation and continue neocolonial inequalities. This research asks how interventions in museums, galleries, institutions, and the public realm can question and challenge their acquisitions, modes of public participation, and the status of objects and collections and the ecologies in which they sit. ‘Imaginal Travel’ points to propositional attitudes in travel that involve thinking, making, and doing in the world as ritual and immanent acts in collaboration and in contemplation of inner life.

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