Gayle Chong Kwan

Glocal Panorama (2008)

Details Series of 20 x c-type photographic prints, dimensions variable
Installation Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy and ArtSway, Hampshire
Dates 2008
Photo Credit Gayle Chong Kwan

Michelangelo Pistoletto (interviewed by Daniel Urrea Pena, November 2008) in 'The Grand Tour' by Gayle Chong Kwan (excerpt)

Nourishment is the lifeblood that connects all the vital elements with the earth, with the biological system, which must be held by something that facilitate its very existence. Nourishment is a kind of umbilical cord to the earth. Animals and humans, unlike vegetables, were able to detach themselves from the original site of the nourishment – the earth – and to feed themselves in turn. In contrast, vegetables keep a direct flow with the earth. Human beings created a sort of personal space for the search of food. A time-space dimension that can be considered as the intellectual time-space we all have, where we play, we research and act socially through sports, art and culture: in short, the cultural space. And a new form of nourishment follows, a form that is not only physical and animal, but cultural.