Gayle Chong Kwan

Anthropo-scene (2015)

'Panorama', 20 7x5” C-Type Photographic Lambda Display Prints
'Stacks', 15 20x13” inkjet display prints with Direct to Media UV Printing on glass, 15 20x13” open frames with sculptural works
'Strata', 5 UV Print Direct to Media UV Printing on Plywood 72 x 48” and wooden stands
'Lost', 9 UV Print Direct to Media UV Printing on Dibond 3 x 1.5m
Bloomberg Space


9 April — 31 June 2015

DSC 7701
I began my research on a dig with the Museum of London Archaeology around the site of the temple of Mithras in the city of London. I was interested in how waste from the dig I had been on arrive at the Archive and Research Centre accrued value as it was transformed into objects listed, catalogued, and later to be stored, and at some point exhibited. I became interested in what was thrown away, and discarded from this process, and began to collect this secondary waste. In the installation I explore different landscape ‘scenes’ in terms of staging, the view, as well as the place where an action or event occurs, or the scene of a possible crime. The entrance panels combine contemporary waste I collected from around the archaeological dog with images of the layers of the dig itself. Large-scale photographs in the background feature London’s lost and destroyed buildings.

DSC 7666
DSC 7700
DSC 7696
DSC 7672
DSC 7673
DSC 7806
DSC 7794
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